Consultation Workshop Discussions

We recently ran a consultation workshop as part of our discovery phase in the Intelligent Campus space.

We covered many different use cases and scenarios across this area.

Some of the issues that arose out of our discussions.

The intelligent campus is intrinsically cross-campus, cross-faculty and cross-service. Any intelligent campus initiative will require a holistic approach from an university or college and involve stakeholders from academia and professional services.

Often initiatives are undertaken in isolation, with limited or single needs. To take advantage of the potential benefits of the intelligent campus, single function projects may need to consider other facets and needs of other areas of the university of college. The reality of actual challenges students face may be invisible to significant parts of the institution.

Students often offer objections to data gathering when it comes to the university or college, but may off little or no objections to commercial data gathering from apps and mobile services. Often this dichotomy is down to the inferred benefits that data gathering may or may not provide. Incentives to engage must be obvious to students.

We also discussed smart building design. One aspect of the intelligent campus is can physical design be mapped to react to data to build efficiencies? Or nudge positive behaviours? There are aspects of will notifications actually encourage the behaviours and that you want from students (and staff) or will they be ignored and seen to be spam.

These consultation and discussions are an useful mechanism to support the discovery phase of the project and can continue online by looking at the future use cases we will be publishing to the blog as well as the draft guide.

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