Entering Alpha


Following a successful transition meeting yesterday. The Intelligent Campus project has moved from Discovery to Alpha.

In the discovery phase we explore new ideas and emerging technology to establish which ideas meet Jisc member’s needs, are technically feasible, fit Jisc’s remit and stand a chance of becoming sustainable services. If an idea passes all these criteria, we move to the alpha phase.

The Intelligent Campus project has been looking at use cases following the co-design process in which the three ideas we came up with were use-cases which would be enabled if we could develop the basic data infrastructure for the intelligent campus.

However that is a big, long-term development so we decided that our immediate goal should be to analyse in more depth the potential use-cases as well as the technical, ethical and business implications of this approach. As part of this process we published a draft guide to the Intelligent Campus.

Having done this it gave us a better idea of where best to get started on developing the data infrastructure for the intelligent campus.

So now we enter the alpha phase. Here we will try out the most promising ideas with a small number of organisations to see what works and whether they offer real world benefits. If they do, we move onto the beta phase.

More information on how we innovate.


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