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Intelligent equipment sharing

Use case: Equipment sharing and co-purchasing What’s the issue? Sharing is already a big thing in the digital economy. It can allow individuals and businesses to get more out of their underutilised assets, for example, cars and properties using Uber and Airbnb. Equipment purchased by universities for use in research, teaching or running the campus … Read more

Intelligent energy

Use case: generating, storing and using energy in an intelligent way What’s the Issue? All universities and colleges have become increasingly aware of their energy use. The increasing cost and reducing their carbon footprint are major driving forces. Most plans and initiatives focus on: Savingenergy Generating energy Managing and storing energy A common factor in … Read more

It’s too noisy!

Use case: noise and sound What’s the issue? A significant amount of teaching is still delivered aurally. Face to face learning activities, for example collaborative group work, also typically use forms of communication between students that rely on a conducive acoustic environment. In addition, many students live in close proximity to each other, and engage … Read more

Location, location, education

Use Case: Location aware learning Location, location, education Location aware learning provides universities and colleges with a range of student learning opportunities which take advantage of their current physical location. Consequently, the potential for location aware learning to take place on the intelligent campus is being explored in a range of ways. Starting with QR … Read more

How are we doing?

Use case: Capturing Feedback on the Intelligent Campus What’s the Issue? As universities and colleges feel the pressure to provide an enhanced student experience the intelligent campus will play an increasingly important role. An acknowledged “great campus” will be a major asset. Students and staff can all help in developing a better campus, identifying issues … Read more

Finding your way

Use Case: Finding your way around campus What’s the issue? Universities can be complex physical spaces, with a myriad of different types of buildings, added in different decades and spread across a wide area, sometimes multiple campuses. Some buildings may be old with obscure access points and navigating adjoining buildings can be confusing. For come … Read more

Nudge me

Use Case: The nudging campus What is Nudging? Wikipedia says: “Nudge theory (or nudge) is a concept in behavioural science, political theory and economics which proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to try to achieve non-forced compliance to influence the motives, incentives and decision making….” Nudging aims to influence individuals or groups to act or … Read more