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What’s on the menu?

Use Case: Intelligent Catering What’s the issue? Increasing demands and varying expectations from customers at the campus canteen, combined with business needs to operate efficiently, create a challenging environment for the staff and management of these essential facilities. How do catering outlets constantly improve their service whilst also offering interesting and varied menus in a … Read more

Oh no, not another meeting…

Use Case: Intelligent Meetings What’s the issue? Meetings are one of the most complained about aspects of the work environment, however, generally it is acknowledged they are necessary, and that good meetings can be highly productive. Can the Intelligent Campus offer some help with the most negative aspects of meetings? The problems with meetings Many … Read more


Use Case: Onboarding – Improving the new employee experience What’s the issue? Wikipedia defines onboarding as “the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours in order to become effective organisational members and insiders.” It is often used interchangeably with induction, however, they are not the same. While induction normally takes … Read more

Keep it clean

Use case: intelligent toilets What’s the issue? Adequate access to clean, pleasant to use, toilets may seem rather trivial, however, it’s an important requirement for any university campus. A poor experience can leave a lasting impression of the organisation. Visitors, students and staff will have strong views on the quality of the facilities. What are … Read more

Intelligent equipment sharing

Use case: Equipment sharing and co-purchasing What’s the issue? Sharing is already a big thing in the digital economy. It can allow individuals and businesses to get more out of their underutilised assets, for example, cars and properties using Uber and Airbnb. Equipment purchased by universities for use in research, teaching or running the campus … Read more

Intelligent energy

Use case: generating, storing and using energy in an intelligent way What’s the Issue? All universities and colleges have become increasingly aware of their energy use. The increasing cost and reducing their carbon footprint are major driving forces. Most plans and initiatives focus on: Savingenergy Generating energy Managing and storing energy A common factor in … Read more

It’s too noisy!

Use case: noise and sound What’s the issue? A significant amount of teaching is still delivered aurally. Face to face learning activities, for example collaborative group work, also typically use forms of communication between students that rely on a conducive acoustic environment. In addition, many students live in close proximity to each other, and engage … Read more

Location, location, education

Use Case: Location aware learning Location, location, education Location aware learning provides universities and colleges with a range of student learning opportunities which take advantage of their current physical location. Consequently, the potential for location aware learning to take place on the intelligent campus is being explored in a range of ways. Starting with QR … Read more