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Hot wifi

There are numerous software applications that allow Universities and Colleges to create wifi heat maps. This is a very competitive market with many different free, freemium and charged for products. The Jisc Technologies Wireless Advisory Service in 2015 recommended the Ekahau product for both mapping existing wifi networks and for planning new networks. Jisc Technologies published … Read more

What do you mean all the rooms are booked?

Efficient spaces on the intelligent campus What’s the issue? When you move around a university or college campus do you notice rooms and spaces that are currently unused or underused? Is space being utilised well or for an activity for which it wasn’t designed? As a teacher or lecturer do you have rooms you dislike … Read more

Building a smart campus?

As part of the co-design challenge looking at the intelligent campus, one area that we have found interesting and would like your views on is the smart campus. In the past we had standard televisions, today most televisions that are sold are smart televisions, as well as having traditional tuners, they are also able to … Read more