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Green Gown awards – campus of the future category

As sponsors of the Campus of the Future category at the annual Green Gown awards we’re pleased to share details of the finalists as they offer some great examples of innovation and emerging technologies on the university estate.  University College London (UCL), University of Northumbria, University of the West of England (UWE), University of the West of Scotland … Read more

“State of the art” – the Intelligent Campus in China

This month’s blog is taken from the introduction to a technical briefing on the Intelligent Campus in China, written by Li Yuan, a Learning Technology Advisor at Cetis. “Compared with the UK HE ad hoc approach to the implementation of the Intelligent Campus, ”one-stop-shop” solutions have been developed to take advantage of the latest data-enabled … Read more

Meeting Morley

A team from Jisc recently took a visit to one of our Intelligent Campus pilot sites recently, Morley College main campus, situated in central London where Lambeth meets Newington.  With technical expertise, user experience expertise and project management there were quite a number of us!  Also joining us were our two SafeHouse Technology Ltd colleagues … Read more

Internet of things competition

We started a new IoT programme to raise awareness about potentials of this technology among  our community.  We wanted to hear new ideas and existing challenges that can be addressed by LoRaWAN technology and through our Jisc and Digital Catapult initiatives, 9 colleges and univerisities will be receiving LoRaWAN Gateways on a long-term loan to test ideas as … Read more

Intelligent Campus: Risks, Benefits and Ethics

Smart city technologies – from measuring air quality to tracking individuals – have been promoted as hugely beneficial, but also criticised as surveillance environments that deprive citizens of privacy and increase existing inequalities. Intelligent campuses use similar technologies in locations where the boundary between public and private spaces and activities is even more complex. Users … Read more

Intelligent Campus Community Event – University of Birmingham – 7 May 2019

If you are working in the area of the Intelligent campus and are interested in work being undertaken in this space by others, then we would like to invite you to attend one of our community events. The community of practice gives people an opportunity to network, share practice, hear what various institutions are doing and … Read more

Reflections on the Intelligent Campus Community Event at City

The Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre at City, University of London was the venue for the third of our Intelligent Campus community events. These events give people a chance to network, share practice and hear what various institutions are doing. You will have the opportunity to discover more about our intelligent campus project and our work in this … Read more

Consultation for the Intelligent Campus Data Protection Impact Assessment Toolkit

Andrew Cormack, Jisc’s Chief Regulatory Adviser has been working on a Data Protection Impact Assessment Toolkit for the Intelligent Campus. DPIA Toolkit v0-11 This is a draft of a Toolkit for applying Data Protection Impact Assessments to Intelligent Campus applications. This has been derived from an RFID Toolkit approved by European Regulators in 2011, with input from other experts within Jisc. … Read more