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Hey Siri, what do I need to learn?

Use Case: Contextual Learning with a Virtual Assistant What’s the issue? Virtual assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana, are increasingly available through Smartphones and other devices using varying levels of artificial intelligence (AI). As they become more and more popular they will be used  in education and taking learning out of the … Read more

Could we use artificial intelligence to help manage learning spaces and improve teaching and learning?

Learners and staff often have problems with inappropriate or restrictive learning spaces, or problematic environments that are impacting on the learning. If you have ever tried to undertake group work in a raked lecture theatre, you will know the sort of thing I am talking about. Or listening to a rather dry subject We probably … Read more

Building a smart campus?

As part of the co-design challenge looking at the intelligent campus, one area that we have found interesting and would like your views on is the smart campus. In the past we had standard televisions, today most televisions that are sold are smart televisions, as well as having traditional tuners, they are also able to … Read more