Use Cases

These are a series of use cases for the Intelligent Campus space as published on the blog.


Keep it clean

Is it lunchtime?

Intelligent equipment sharing

Intelligent energy

Congestion ahead

It’s too noisy!

Location, location, education

Intelligent spaces for learning

How are we doing?

Finding your way

Nudge me

Building analytics

Adaptive learning

Adapting to needs – intelligent accessibility

Do you need help?

There’s no room!

Ensuring wellbeing

Going mobile

I know how you’re feeling…

In the city there’s a thousand faces, all shining bright

What do you mean all the rooms are booked?

Smart research

I recognise you…

I know what’s good for you…

I’m sorry that’s my seat!

If the walls could talk…

I didn’t know I needed to ask…

I think I know the way!

Hey Siri, what do I need to learn?

Thank you to Hapsis for their work on the use cases.


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