Strategic approaches to the intelligent campus

Strategic approaches to learning analytics in UK higher educationThe opening paragraph in the Jisc publication Strategic approaches to learning analytics in UK higher education says:

Learning analytics cannot yet be considered a mature field in UK higher education. However, the use of data about learners and their learning to address areas such as attrition and curriculum enhancement is increasingly being investigated through projects at an institutional level. 

This will resonate with many individuals in UK higher education who are investigating the use of data in the intelligent campus space.

The document takes you through the many different approaches to learning analytics and this landscape is similar to the landscape of the intelligent campus.

There is no single driver behind the intelligent campus, for some it’s about improving and enhancing the student experiences, for others it’s about making effective use of the estate and learning spaces. There are demands for efficiencies in space utilisation, and reduction of costs of energy, water, maintenance and waste collection. There are a diverse range of reasons and strategies that results in interest in the intelligent campus space.

The document is an interesting read on the current learning analytics landscape and is a format we may look at late in the intelligent campus project.

Download the document from the Jisc repository.

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